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Wi-fi Campus

To cope with the technological advancement in academic institutions our college has already set up free Wi-Fi facility in the campus. Along with the academic-administrative building most of the campus is well connected through Wi-Fi.


Easy access to the Internet is one of the basic priorities of any academic institutions. To get equipped with the latest e- learning materials and teaching tools. Both teachers and students are needs minimum proficiency on internet. College authority is trying to their best to provide this facility as much as possible. All laboratory based subjects have their own computer set up with internet facilities. Entire library is computerized with internet facility for its readers. Our teacher’s room is fully equipped with computer facility with internet. Authority took a initiative to build up separate departmental cubical for non-lab based subjects with internet access facility.

Water Cooler

Being situated in the most dry and hot part of this state purified drinking water is nothing but the life line to exist. To meet the basic demand of water supply college authority has set up many water cooling unit in academic-administrative building, teachers room and in front of Students union room.

Smart Class

As per as the UGC guidelines college authority has already set up a smart class room to equipped with the latest ICT based teaching practices. Various departments are taking regular classes in this room for the growing interest of the students. College authority is now looking forward to the financial help from the State Government which was just declared to build up two more smart class rooms in every college.

Medicinal Plant Garden

Sambhu Nath College has a medicinal plant garden which includes around 25 different species. Some of them are local and very common but with immense medicinal value, like, Tulsi, Kalmegh, Nishinda, Kulekhara, Pudina, Harjora, Halud, Dhatura, Thankuni, Nayantara etc. Some rare species are also available like Bishollakarani, Sarpagandha, Alovera, Ajoyan, Bamunhati, Arjun, Arswagandha, Olotkambol ,Iswarimul, Anantamul, Antamul, Ayaapan, Satomul etc. These medicinal plants have a great extent for sustenance of traditional health care system, both medically and as well as economically. However, the present scenario shows a decline in using these traditional plants for health care practices. Our college consistently gives empahsis to aware traditional value of those plant not only before our students but also to the local people about the utilities of those plants.

Power Backup with Green Generator

The college authority has set up complete power backup system in the campus by installing two Eco-friendly Kirloskar Green generators. Due to the specifications of this generator's eco environment of the campus is protected.

Rain Water Harvesting

Project "Bari Dhara" is one of the eco-friendly initiatives in our college. Being geographically situated in the arid region of this state, conservation of water resources is extremely important to survive. The basic aim of the project is not only store the rain water but to use it for maintenance of playground, various gardens throughout the year.

Use of Solar Energy

With the complete financial and technical help of the Electricity Dept. Govt. Of West Bengal, the college authority initiating a process to set up 10 KVA solar power system directly link up with the national grid. Once the system is completely run according to its strength the electricity consumption bill will be reduced at a great level, not only that this extremely eco-friendly initiative protects the sanctity of the environment of campus for sure.