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Medicinal Plant Garden

Sambhu Nath College has a medicinal plant garden which includes around 25 different species. Some of them are local and very common but with immense medicinal value, like, Tulsi, Kalmegh, Nishinda, Kulekhara, Pudina, Harjora, Halud, Dhatura, Thankuni, Nayantara etc. Some rare species are also available like Bishollakarani, Sarpagandha, Alovera, Ajoyan, Bamunhati, Arjun, Arswagandha, Olotkambol ,Iswarimul, Anantamul, Antamul, Ayaapan, Satomul etc. These medicinal plants have a great extent for sustenance of traditional health care system, both medically and as well as economically. However, the present scenario shows a decline in using these traditional plants for health care practices. Our college consistently gives empahsis to aware traditional value of those plant not only before our students but also to the local people about the utilities of those plants.