Estd. 1963 | NAAC Re-Accredited - Grade B+ (2016)

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Research Activities

Last year Ph.D awardees

  • Dr. Tapan Datta (Dept. of Bengali)
  • Dr. Pradip Biswas (Dept. of Bengali)
  • Dr. Chhanda Dasgupta Nayek (Dept. of Philosophy)


Current Research activity : The college has a Research Advisory Committee which helps and inspires the faculty members for achieving higher academic excellence through UGC-MRP, DST-fast track and CSIR projects. The present research Advisory Committee makes recommendations to sanction leave, reduce work load, ensure timely and adequate release of funds and support of technology oriented modern tools. The college is not in a position to provide any grant for higher academic research. The committee recommends leave for research/post doctoral fellowship which is subsequently sanctioned though GB.


The present Research Expert Committee members are as following

  1. Dr. Bibhas Dutta (Convener)
  2. Dr. Tapan Datta
  3. Dr. Sukhwinder Kalsi
  4. Dr. Ramsundar Bairagya
  5. Dr. Koushik Dhara
  6. Dr. Jiaul Islam
  7. Dr. Kunal Chakraborty


Ongoing projects

  1. Dr. Khokan Kumar Bag (Dept. og Bengali) UGC Majour Project - 7,60,000/-
  2. Dr. Koushik Dhara ( Dept. of Chemistry) DST-SERB Project - 25,20,000/-
  3. Dr. Koushik Dhara ( Dept. of Chemistry) UGC Minor Project - 4,10,000/-