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Dr. Raja Ghosh  (Chairman , District Primary School Council Birbhum)


ভোজ্য জিনিসে ভাণ্ডার উঠল ভরে, রান্নাঘরে হাঁড়ি চড়েছে, তবু ভোজ বলে না তাকে। আঙিনায় পাত পড়ল কত, ডাকা হয়েছে কতজনকে, সেই হিসাবেই ভোজের   মর্যাদা। আমরা যে এডুকেশন শব্দটা আবৃত্তি করে মনে মনে খুশি থাকি সেটাতে ভাঁড়ার-ঘরের চেহারা আছে, কিন্তু বাইরে তাকিয়ে দেখি ধূ ধূ করছে আঙিনা। শিক্ষার আলোর জন্য উঁচু লন্ঠন ঝোলানো হয়েছে ইস্কুলে কলেজে, কিন্তু সেটা যদি রুদ্ধ দেয়ালে বন্দী আলোক হয় তাহলে বলব আমাদের অদৃষ্ট মন্দ। সমস্ত পট-জোড়া ভূমিকার মধ্যেই ছবির প্রকাশ, তেমনি পরিস্ফুটতা পাবার জন্য শিক্ষা চায় দেশজোড়া ভূমিকা”। ... ... ... “ কলেজের বাহিরে যে দেশ পড়িয়া আছে তাহার মহত্ত্ব একেবারে ভুলিলে চলিবে না। কলেজের শিক্ষার সঙ্গে দেশের একটা স্বাভাবিক যোগ স্থাপন করিতে হইবে”। 

রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর



It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of Sambhu Nath College, Labpur since last few years. Since its establishment in 1963, the college has past a long way to become a leading institution of higher education in the district of Birbhum in West Bengal, with its dedicated service of imparting knowledge to the learners of the backward rural area of Labpur and other surrounding locality. Like any other institution of higher education, the college has a significant role to play in spreading value based quality education in society and in shaping the mind of the young people to make them conscious and responsible citizen of tomorrow.


Since last few years, (After the radical changes in the Political and Administrative Scenario of West Bengal), the Shambhu Nath College of Labpur, Birbhum is trying to regenerate the issue by rendering its quality teaching services. In this connection different Seminars and Workshops have already been organized by involving the teachers, students and other stake holders on various issues and we are receiving encouraging responses from every corner. This College also realized that consistent  and comprehensive practice of this culture is a felt need as sustenance for the step forwarding of the stake holders towards rethinking on strengthening the Educational Scenario, which is very much an essential for life skill development of fellow students, who will be considered as development partner in near future. Participation of all concerned- teachers, students, non-teaching staff and the cooperation and support from the people around, will keep the institution on its right track to reach the goal. This college has also realized that it is also a very tough and hard task for any single organization to wide spread this issue with the limited infrastructure. But if we would get an elongated hand from experienced and celebrated individuals and institutions from our society, we are sure that the educational mission of this college i.e. “to create strong, effective academic environment that provide a wholesome learning mood; create value and refresh the future generation through quality education and make a difference” must  be achieved and I am confident that the college will fulfill  its journey to the end with its stable mission and optimistic vision.