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Message of the GB President at the time of inauguration of the website

I am very happy to learn that Sambhu Nath College at Labpur, district of Birbhum, which is one of the most reputed Educational Institutions in the State of West Bengal, is going to have a website of its own.

I am sure many people, particularly teachers, students and guardians are and will be interested to get information about the College, about its history and achievements, its rules and regulations and other related matters.

I must congratulate the distinguished Principal of the College and his Colleagues and also the students for taking benefit of development in the sphere of Information Technology in the interest of the College by establishing its own website : . I wish the effort all success.

Somnath Chatterjee  (Former Speaker, Parliament of India.)


Message of the Principal at the time of inauguration of the website

Sambhu Nath College was set up at the outskirts of Labpur, free from noise and commotion of public life in the year 1963. The college has been named after Dr. Sambhu Nath Banerjee, Hon’ble Justice of Calcutta High Court and former Vice- Chancellor of The University of Calcutta who founded the college with full financial responsibility with noble purpose of imparting education to the poor and middle class wards of this vast educationally backward area consisting of major rural parts of the district of Birbhum and some parts of the district of Murshidabad.

Sambhu Nath College was established with the vision of advancement of learning and to fulfil the dream of the younger generation towards the attraction of higher education of which the country will be enlightened to the east and west. Dr. Sambhu Nath Banerjee had been kind enough to initiate the establishment of the college with some distinguished educationists in the district of Birbhum. It’s a great pleasure to inform to all concerned that the eminent Sudhendu Ranjan Das , former Hon’ble Justice, The Supreme Court of India, Dr. Satkari Mukhopadhyay formerly Adhyaksha of Naba Nalanda Mahavihar; Dr. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhyay, former Vice-Chancellor, The University of Burdwan and many other great personalities of the locality viz. Satya Narayan Bandopadhyay who were kindly present on 16th August, 1963 on the occasion of its establishment.

Unfortunately the college was closed since die in 1968 for some unavoidable circumstances and was revived again in 1973 by the strenuous efforts of Dr. Rabisankar Banerjee, a permanent resident of Labpur and Professor of the department of Sanskrit, Jadavpur University and Dr. Ramaranjon Mukherjee, the than Vice-Chancellor of the University of Burdwan. Since its revival the college has gradually made enormous progress in almost all the branches of learning after introducing B.Sc and B.Com with Honours in different subjects. The college at present is functioning very smoothly with about 3000 students.

Now we are in an age of science and technology. Globalization is now getting paramount importance in different spheres of life. The privatization of investment, even in education sector makes our head reel. However, web of new changes all over the world have swept in an arena of higher education.

This institution of higher education welcomes all new changes and makes an earnest effort to meet the challenges in new environment in changing its service to the society. But several important points are to be judiciously considered in evaluating its performance. We believe that we are to be judged what we are about at present and what we will be in the future but not on the basis what we were in the past.

The main vision was to have wide publicity and advancement of higher learning by which the young generation of this locality would develop themselves in culture, education, health, games and sports and above all they would be attracted to the development of the society as well as of the country. Though Labpur has been culturally very much in the forward line of the district where eminent author like Tarashankar Bandopadhay composed the Ganadevata to create the consciousness of the people.

Sambhu Nath College has been accessed and accredited by NAAC in January 2010 with “B” grade. The member of the peer team, NAAC had been kind enough to praise many of its aspects with some good suggestions for future improvement through which we are aware of our limitations, strength, weakness and objectives. .

Now on the occasion of introducing the web site I must welcome the good suggestions from any corner by which the Institution will be enriched for the betterment of education.

Dr. Haricharan Das Bairagya (Principal, 01-09-1997 - 30-11-2013)