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Sports & Games

Sambhu Nath College organizes annual district sports in the 3rd week of January 2015. The college has a standard play ground surrounded by deep forest. Students are facilitated with a number of in-door and out-door games. A large number of students participate in the college annual sports. The winners get medal and certificate. A number of first and second positions holders participate in the district sports meat. The college has a good success records in the district and university sports. The college football team played well traditionally in both the inter college events in the district and

Salim Ali Eco Club

'Salim Ali Eco Club' is one of the important units of this college, which was named after the renowned ornithologist. Due to the socio-economic background of our students, we have observed a general lack of awareness about the environment. So we are trying to create a general awareness to preserve the environment by having a plastic free zone in and around the campus. We also encourage students to plant trees so that we have a greener and a cleaner tomorrow. The Eco-club is practicing few steps for creating bio-diversity equilibrium. Salim Alim Eco Club and the Department of Botany jointly ide

College Flora

Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region on time. Plants are grouped into floras based on region floristic regions, periods, special environment or climate. Our College is also a natural habitat of different floras. Almost 2/3 of the College campus is covered by the natural and planted forest. We can found different species like Utricularia, Drosera, Philocoxia, Scrophulariaceae etc. Some Shrubs and herbs including species of Oldenlandia, Convolvulaceae, Ziziphus, and some other similar species grow on laterite soil. Many common plants like Mango, Palm, Jackfruit, Sal, Sonaj

College Fauna

Favorable weather and spacious area of College campus makes it possible to grow a miniature forest area where endemic flora and fauna of Birbhum can be found easily. Large vegetations of this area have been developed a healthy forest ecosystems which provide great opportunities for the productions of biodiversity. Basically Insects play a key role in this context. They include different types of grasshopper/locust (Oethoptera: Acrididae), dragon flies(Odoptera), butterflies, moths, Scarab Beetle (Phileurustruncatus), beetles, lady bird, ants, spid

Snake Awareness

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Green Audit Report

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WWF (India) News

Mumbai holds its first Zoohackathon, a tech-challenge to find solutions to curb wildlife crime Mumbai: Mumbai's First Zoohackathon emphasized the need to use innovation and technology as important tools for fighting wildlife crime in India.  U.S. Consulate, Mumbai in partnership with TRAFFIC's India Office and WWF-India organized this tech-based challenge on 15-16 September 2018 and it

Satyajit Ray Cine Club

Cine Club is one of the special units of our College to encourage and involve our students in a different way of learning and understanding. Cinema is considered as one of the strongest medium of expression throughout the world. As per as the modern teaching methodology is concern Cinema , Short Films and Documentaries are closely associated with the academic curriculum. To follow the instruction and advice of the UGC related to the teaching-learning skills this medium is going to be the most important part of the syllabi. The cine Club is named after the film mae

Click - the Photography Club

Photography is one of the most passionate hobbies in all over the world. To encourage and promote this hobby the college authority has formed the Photography Club named Click. Dr. Pradip Biswas and Prof. Saptarsi Chakraborty are in the charge of this unit. Photography Club has already organized theme oriented photographic exhibition in the campus. Many of the faculty members and interested students are regularly participated in this exhibition. To encourage this venture best three photos are

Dance Club

Dance Club is formed in our campus to train and encourage our students in various classical and contemporary dance forms. Dr. Santanu Dutta, Dr. Jayanta Gour, Prof. Mitali Ghosh and Prof. Sangeeta Mukherjee are jointly shares the charge of this unit. All of the mentioned faculties have knowledge and practical senses about the various dance forms and their compositions. Students are getting benefited by their teaching and advice. Students are participating in various cultural programs and competitions to perform whatever they have learned from Dance Club.

Training of First Aid

College authority with the NSS units jointly conducted practical sessions to train few students for basic first aid treatment. In association with the local medical unit of the Labpur block college authority tries its best to build a quick response medical unit in the campus by its students. First aid training is become popular among the students day by day.